We’re printers. In fact, we’re a printer’s printer. That means a couple of different things. First, it means we don’t look much like most commercial printers. We’re equipped differently. Our equipment is larger, built for longer runs and for more difficult projects. Our plant provides the capabilities that most commercial printers need less often -- heatset and non-heatset web presses, large stitching lines, and perfect binding. For many of our clients, we’re the “rest of the plant” with the capabilities that let them meet all of their customer’s needs. Second, our quality standards exceed what most commercial printers know their clients require. That’s important because it is the only way we can reduce the risk of a disappointed customer to zero. We have to exceed the highest expectations. Our G7Master qualification demonstrates that consistent performance. So we’re a printer’s printer in terms of our mechanical product quality too. We don’t claim to be more than exceptional printers. But exceptional printers we certainly are.