Now that’s a thorny question if ever there was one. But it is another question we get at times but know is often unspoken. How do you know what to do with the costs we provide? In other words, how do you manage your mark-up? We’ve thought long and hard about it, and that’s why we’re offering some real help. Obviously, we can’t help you understand how valuable your whole offer is to your customer. And that affects the pricing you should offer. But we do have a good handle on marketplace pricing for the kinds of projects we complete. That’s why we’re beginning to share it. We’ve learned over time that some of the mark-ups applied to our quotes are scary. And they can be scary in both directions -- high and low. So from now on, when we provide an estimate or quote we can also provide a recommended selling price range too. It’s only a recommendation, and you can always ignore it. But since we have a good handle on the market, we owe you the best help we can offer. Arbitrary mark-ups not tied to the current marketplace are almost always out of range. We know that because our clients have told us so. So we can give you a range based on our current best understanding of the market, and encourage you to use it as one more point of reference. Pricing in those ranges will be competitive and will get your offer taken seriously. All you have to do is ask for it.  
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